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Fostering Friendships Through Inclusive Play
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Using the Activities
A balance of free, guided, and facilitated play is important for children’s development. The inclusive play activities are not designed to replace children’s free time on the playground, but provide ways to promote character development and create a more inclusive community at school, church, camp, or special events. Each activity focuses on providing fun opportunities for educators and programmers to create awareness, break down barriers, and foster friendships among kids of all ages and abilities through the magical and intuitive behavior of play!
Sample Activity Cards
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Each Activity Card Includes
Treasure Hunt Activity Card
Providing inclusive play opportunities for people of all ages and abilities is critical for promoting play, healthy physical activity, and learning.  PlayCore's unique inclusive play programs not only create outdoor environments that implement best practice design principles, they take inclusive play to the next level by providing outdoor programming to ensure meaningful play for children of all abilities! Contact Information
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