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Developing Character Through Play
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Inclusive Community
Promoting Characters Development Through Play
Providing an inclusive playground for children of all abilities to play together is an important step in promoting play, healthy physical activity, and learning for all children. Outdoor play experiences can provide the perfect opportunity to support inclusive play by creating awareness, breaking down barriers, and fostering friendships. Often children with and without disabilities need strategies that help them understand how to play together and that a child with a disability is able to do much of what they can do, even if done differently. Play is fundamental to children’s development, and children with disabilities should be socially accepted and included in play with their peers.
Providing inclusive play opportunities for people of all ages and abilities is critical for promoting play, healthy physical activity, and learning.  PlayCore's unique inclusive play programs not only create outdoor environments that implement best practice design principles, they take inclusive play to the next level by providing outdoor programming to ensure meaningful play for children of all abilities! Contact Information
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