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2 Play Together
2 Play Together
2 Play Together: Overview
2PlayTogether offers a valuable resource striving to make a difference in inclusive playground play and creating communities that care through character education. This resource equips programmers with tips and activities that will promote play, understanding, and fun between children with and without disabilities.

Contact among children with different abilities is often not enough to get children playing together or to create true inclusive play experiences. Educators and programmers that use intentional strategies to promote disability awareness promote quality inclusive play opportunities while providing all children with the tools to ask questions, get accurate information, explore their feelings, and learn how to positively interact with their peers. The Joint Position Statement of the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) states that the desired results of inclusive experiences for children with and without disabilities and their families include a sense of belonging and membership, positive
social relationships and friendships, and development and learning to reach their full potential. High quality inclusive programs include access, supports, and participation by using a variety of instructional approaches to promote engagement of play and learning activities to create a sense of belonging for every child.
About our partner:
The National Lekotek Center is a not-for-profit organization that uses interactive play experiences, and the learning that results, to promote the inclusion of children with special needs into family and community life.  Since 1980, The National Lekotek Center’s “play-based therapy” philosophy has grown to include a network of 25 affiliates, who serve over 6500 families annually.  Lekotek offers a vast model of programs including family play sessions, toy lending libraries, Compuplay programs, and other services, such as home visits, that meet the unique and diverse needs of families.  As the country’s leading source on play for children with special needs, the National Lekotek Center also develops partnerships and creative projects and provides consulting and hundreds of product evaluations in the toy and play products industry.  Learn more at
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Providing inclusive play opportunities for people of all ages and abilities is critical for promoting play, healthy physical activity, and learning.  PlayCore's unique inclusive play programs not only create outdoor environments that implement best practice design principles, they take inclusive play to the next level by providing outdoor programming to ensure meaningful play for children of all abilities! Contact Information
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