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A Dream Come True | Harrisburg, VA
Projects of Distinction
A Dream Come True | Harriburg, VA
A Dream Come True | Harriburg, VA
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Other Projects of Distinction
Andrea Trakas Memorial Playground
Andrea Trakas Memorial Playground @ Simmers Young Park
Polk County, Winter Haven, Florida

The Trakas Memorial Playground was built by Polk County staff members, community volunteers, people from Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, members of St. John Greek Orthodox Church in Tampa and Trakas family friends. This playground was designed to celebrate the life of Andrea Trakas, who lost her fight with Muscular Atrophy in 2009 at 10 months old. It was important for the family to create a play space that could be used by children of all abilities and that would help spread the word about SMA while keeping Andrea’s memory alive. The system offers lots of play activity, wide ramps for access and integrated shade to help shield against direct sun.

Jacob’s Park – JCC of Boynton Beach, Boynton Beach, FL
Jacob’s Park
JCC of Boynton Beach, Boynton Beach, FL

A community built playground to memorialize Jacob Isaac Rappoport, Jacob’s Park is a custom themed playground featuring rocket ships and shooting stars. It was important to the family to make the park accessible for children of all abilities, because if Jacob had had the opportunity to grow as a child with special needs, they would have wanted him to play alongside all other children.

Rocket Park, Grand Junction, CO
Rocket Park
Grand Junction, CO

Approx. Budget: $200,000

Rocket Park is a school and park partnership. Several therapeutic groups in the area use the park as well as schools. The rocket was an old piece of play equipment that the community loved that was non-compliant and had to be removed. The community got together and re-dedicated the park as “Rocket Park” which was it’s unofficial name for years. They chose a space theme to go along with the name, and turned the old piece of play equipment into a public art sculpture.
Signal Centers, Chattanooga, TN
Signal Centers
Chattanooga, TN

Approx. Budget: $300,000

Signal Centers is a nonprofit agency, which serves developing children and children with special needs. Funding came from four local foundations as well as money raised by Friends of Special Children and by the Signal Centers, this project was planned for over 2 years. Not only is Signal Centers a universality accessible playground, but also certified as a NatureGrounds playground because of its integration of manufactured play equipment and the living landscape.
Spring Creek Elementary, Chattanooga, TN
Spring Creek Elementary
Chattanooga, TN

The playground at Spring Creek Elementary offers accessible, shaded play for children of all abilities. With overhead climbers, GT Jams musical instruments and a variety of panels and slides, everyone can find something to spur their imagination on this system.
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