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Inclusive Play Resources
Me2 Guide
7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design
Developed in partnership with Utah State University, Center for Persons with Disabilities, PlayCore offers a comprehensive design program for creating play environments for people of all ages and abilities and creating inclusive communities through play.
Inclusive Play Programs
Inclusive Play Programs
Click here to download an overview of PlayCore’s inclusive play programs.
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2Play Together Guide
2Play Together
Fostering Friendships Through Inclusive Play
Developed in partnership with the National Lekotek Center, Playcore offers a valuable resource striving to make a difference in inclusive playground play and creating communities that care through character education.
Inclusive Play Funding Sources
Inclusive Play Funding Sources
PlayCore’s overview of potential funding sources is designed for communities that are planning, revitalizing, and/or building inclusive playground projects.
Providing inclusive play opportunities for people of all ages and abilities is critical for promoting play, healthy physical activity, and learning.  PlayCore's unique inclusive play programs not only create outdoor environments that implement best practice design principles, they take inclusive play to the next level by providing outdoor programming to ensure meaningful play for children of all abilities! Contact Information
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